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Our cannabis packaging integration, knowledge, and experience is unmatched in the marketplace. We can integrate many different types of machines with ease that you can’t expect anywhere else.

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We can increase production speeds so you can make the entire process faster and better for yourself and the whole team. 

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We utilize industry best practices to make sure that we get your packaging application right. No matter what it takes and how long it takes. 

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There is not clear answer as every single packaging project is different and has it’s own set of unique challenges. 

Again, it depends on the packaging and machine application. 

We have certain packaging industry suppliers we work with. If the machines you currently have are one of these suppliers and industry partners, then the answer is yes. 

Packaging automation not only makes your life simpler, but will improve the ROI of your production line. Giving an exact figure is hard as each facility and processor has it’s own challenges. 

Yes, we can provide references upon request. However, we must know that you are at a stage that are are ready to buy from us. 

Yes, apart of what we do here at HuskyPro is educate all of our customer on the best application for their specific needs. 

Call or write to us asap! If it is something simple we can walk you through we will. If not, you can work with our great technicians to get it fixed on-site.

Yes, we provide a warranty for 1-year on parts and service. After that we highly recommend you work with customer service on getting a service contract. 

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